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Importance of Impact Measurement in Malawi

By amorgan | Sep 11, 2018

Background Introduction Recently, consumers, businesses, and investors have all began to more comprehensively consider their external impacts. Many consumers understand that the products they purchase affect the world around them in a number of ways – supporting or damaging the environment, creating wealth for or taking advantage of workers with limited options, and combatting or … Read more

Distributed Ledger Technology: Debunking Myths and Successful Development Use Cases

By amorgan | Sep 10, 2018

Introduction In the past few years, the astronomical price increases of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etheruem, and litecoin have caused widespread media attention for distributed ledger technology. NGOs, non-profits, and private enterprises have begun experimenting with distributed ledger technology and in some cases have introduced pilot projects or fully-fledged business services for economic development projects and … Read more