Educational Brochures

At Foster Lewis we understand the difficulties local businesses face navigating the complex bureaucratic procedures necessary for compliance. Therefore we are producing a series of educational brochures that offer best practices and highlight key pieces of information to help companies meet their legal requirements. If there are other topics that you wish we could cover, please contact us and we will develop content to fit your needs.

Registering a Business

By cwayland | October 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

Are you an entrepreneur in Malawi that is looking to register a private business? Have you ever tried to register a business in Malawi and struggled to navigate the intricate bureaucratic procedures or find the correct documentation required by the Registrar General? Do you want to register your business and write a constitution yourself instead of paying costly lawyer fees? At Foster Lewis we understand the pain points involved in this process, therefore we have developed an easy-to-use application for filling in the necessary information on our business services platform: After filling out the application on our website you will receive a pdf attachment which can be submitted to the Registrar General’s office. Below, we outlined a registration and ongoing compliance document checklist for your benefit: Registration Documents Application for registration of a company (K50,000) Notice of name reservation (K10,000) Memorandum and articles of association Consent and certificate of every director Consent of every shareholder Ongoing Compliance Documents  Annual return Annual report Business names renewal Changes in particulars For more information click to see our … Read more