Meet The Hosts - Memory and Christopher!

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Memory Chitanda is a busy person; she effortlessly juggles her responsibilities as an analyst at Foster Lewis with a plethora of extracurricular activities. The public speaking skills she developed as the founder of "Glow" prepared her to co-host Talking Kwacha!

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Christopher Wayland arrived in Malawi with no background in journalism. However he soon discovered there was a budding entrepreneurial community in Malawi that could use a platform. He is happy to have discovered a new passion and co-host Talking Kwacha!


Trevor Milanzi Interview

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Talking Kwacha! is a new podcast series and your go to source for tips and tricks for starting and operating a business in Malawi. In our interview with Trevor we discuss his background and inspiration for writing his book (0:30), some of his business ideas and pieces of advice for budding Malawian entrepreneurs (10:30), and the benefits of registering your company (36:35). We ended with a pitch-off (42:35) where the hosts and Trevor put forward their best business ideas.

For more information about Trevor and the work he’s doing please visit: